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Mission and Values

Trinity is guided by a mission and set of values that place a quality liberal arts and sciences education at its core. At Trinity, our vision is to define the new liberal arts experience.

Professor John Lee works with students in art class


Trinity University is a transformational liberal arts and sciences university with selected professional and pre-professional programs. In pursuit of this mission, Trinity is committed to the highest levels of academic and professional excellence in teaching, research, learning, service, leadership, and personal integrity. Trinity embraces innovation in all pursuits: rigorous and relevant courses, supportive mentoring relationships, and a wealth of learning opportunities wherever they occur. Trinity prepares its graduates to pursue lives of meaning and purpose.


Trinity will redefine liberal arts education for the 21st century. By embracing innovation, Trinity will become a national leader by preparing students to thrive in an interconnected world, strengthening interdisciplinary and experiential education, and integrating academic and residential campus life.


Founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1869, Trinity values learning, faith, service, and connection to others, honoring the dignity and worth of every person. Our institutional values include Discovery, Excellence, Impact, The Individual, and Community.


The discovery of new knowledge and the reinterpretation of previously discovered knowledge develop an understanding of the world beyond the borders of campus. Striving to understand the world and ourselves, we never stop learning. The Trinity community works together to create new knowledge. Trinity helps students discover their passions and chart their course. We work with each other in continually uncovering new ways to think, to create, to teach, to learn, and to grow.


Trinity is a place that sets the highest standards and continually reinforces them. The environment inspires the best from students, faculty, and staff. Whatever the university sets out to do, it always acts with integrity. From curriculum, to research, to creative output, to Trinity’s impact on the world, it consistently strives to achieve the highest standards of liberal arts and sciences education.


Trinity works to develop a transformative experience for its students, enabling time spent at Trinity to be especially influential in their lives. As a university, we shape what’s next—from the surrounding community to the rest of the world. Trinity empowers a new community of thinkers, creators, and doers— preparing our students to make a tangible, positive difference wherever they go.

The Individual

At Trinity, each and every person matters—every student, every alumnus, every member of the staff and faculty. Every individual is treated with thoughtful care and compassion. Trinity respects and nurtures each person’s unique talents, spiritual growth, skills, passions, leadership, and potential. The university fosters an environment open to individual spiritual discovery, understanding, and growth. Whatever we set out to do, we always act with the highest level of integrity by cultivating individual strengths, with the result that the whole is much stronger.


At Trinity, the sense of a diverse community permeates students from the moment they step on campus, to long after they have left. Trinity is connected to other relevant communities worldwide, sustaining groups of people who will engage, attract, serve, inspire, and influence.