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Alvarez Internship Grants

The MAS Alvarez internship grants engage Trinity students in the development of greater appreciation and understanding of the cultural expression, historical experience, societal practices, institutional life, and the physical environment of the peoples of Mexico, the Americas, and Spain.

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MAS internships must provide the students with an academically substantive experience; must involve an activity or project that directly addresses the mission of the MAS Program; and must be sponsored by a Trinity University faculty member.

Requirements of the internship:

  • Formal relationship with a non-profit organization/agency that has Latina/os as its principal clientele OR with an organization/agency in a country related to MAS initiatives
  • Minimum GPA requirement of 3.0
  • Sponsorship of a Trinity University faculty member
  • Approval of the MAS Executive Committee

To obtain an internship grant award, the applicant must have her/his proposal accepted by a potential faculty mentor and must secure an official letter of approval from the agency in question. Internships must be held over the course of a summer.

To apply for an internship please visit MAS' inside page.

"My internship has proven that my passion is to help underprivileged students prove the statistics wrong and to bridge the gap. Working at KIPP Dream in Houston has exposed me to a new world, that I would have never gotten the chance to experience had I not interned there."
- Analaura Paez '17

Trinity students have interned across San Antonio and around the world. Organizations that have mentored our interns include: